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These sites should include a brief description of what the agency does. I think I know quite a bit about the structure of US government, but I really don't know the scope of the Office of Science and Technology Policy's responsibilities, much less it's sphere of influence. Something short and simple, and a web link if more is needed, would be great.


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    Thanks, Sarah. You should note that you can access OSTP's website by clicking the link on the top left. There, you'll find everything that you need to know about OSTP, including information about the Administration's Open Government Initiative.

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    Stephen Buckley


    Perhaps you can point out to the OpenGov staff that they can use all kinds of technology (on the Inter-Net) to communicate with people. Yes, blogs have their place, but no one ever created a community there, so no one should be bragging about the OSTP blog as a "forum".

    Here are some other options for OSTP to better engage with the people who are also interested in public engagement, some of them for many years, but who can't afford to attend the pricey "Gov2.0" gatherings in D.C.

    You can join the continuing OpenGov discussions: