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Building on several of the top-rated ideas on the OpenOSTP IdeaScale site(I wish your links worked!):

Some of our greatest challenges simply have to do with how we communicate, and how we engage our citizens, and how difficult it is for the average end-user to navigate through the maze of sites and information on each of the Federal, State and Local gov't ".gov" networks.

NASA has hundreds and perhaps thousands of public-facing websites, both on and off of our .gov networks that we maintain to a greater and lesser degree, many of which are registered in a system called "STRAW": System for Tracking and Registering Applications and Web sites. I suspect that other Agencies have a similar database. Many of these apps and sites were developed using outdated/obsolete technology and processes.

I propose that we make the data set from each of the Federal Agencies available via It would be extremely interesting to see what the greater web dev community would/could do with all of these mismatched apps, new gadgets and widgets, new views into the data, reports on the redundancy of information, new models for categorizing the sites, etc.

This community of "citizen developers" would necessarily include students at the college and high school levels (and perhaps even some grade school prodigies!) studying disciplines such as computer science, digital media, and web design.

Note: the release of this data set should be coordinated with each of the Agency's Public Affairs.

In order to make this a well-publicized release with clearly measurable metrics and useful end results, each Agency should concurrently sponsor an "Apps for Air, Apps for Space, Apps for Earth, Apps for Humanity, Apps for Life" contest per the guidelines below:


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