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And Claude Bernard says:

"A man who discovered the simplest fact served more to humanity than the greatest philosopher in the world."

Einstein: "I do not believe in education. You yourself must be your only model, although this model is frightening. "

The real big discoveries have been provided with simple means.

Any discovery of the level of the essential structures is both positive and negative.

But some day they will join the knowledge and the will, and then the world will progress.

Everything is unique in nature: "There is a soul equal to yours ..." For the alchemist, in the same way that no two equal souls, two equals, two plants alike (Pauli would say, two electrons equal) , so no two identical experiments. If it is repeated thousands of times an experiment eventually produced something extraordinary. But the alchemist of today, like yesterday, works in secret, poorly, and is expected by virtue.

The policy is only the outward manifestation, the practical application of a momentary vision of the religious laws of life on Earth and the Cosmos. There are, for Humanity, a fate that could not conceive of ordinary men and whose vision could not bear. This is reserved to a few initiates.

Madame Blavatsky, who claimed to have had access to the Book of Dzyan, which would be the oldest text of mankind, and contain the history of human origins, also ensured that a giant first human race had appeared in the secondary period. "Man is discovered side one day, and with it, their civilizations extinct long ago."

At the time the man touches the celestial mechanics and introduces a new engine in it, there are big changes down here. Everything affects everything. In interplanetary space, where it manifests human intelligence now, chain reactions occur, which have their impact on the Globe, whose temperature is unchanged. At the moment the man wins, not just the sky, but "what is beyond the sky 'at the time that operates a major revolution in the material and spiritual universe, at the time when civilization makes human being to become cosmic, Earth receives a kind of immediate reward.


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