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Networks of Federally Funded Scholars/Experts

The U.S. funds a number of scholars and experts through NSF, NIH, and numerous agency scholarships, fellowships, labs, post-docs, and mores.

OSTP should create collaboration networks between these experts and allow agencies opportunities to post problems they want these already U.S.-funded experts to solve.

Additionally, we should make sure to offer these individuals opportunities to enter the federal workforce. As a former DHS-funded graduate student, taxpayers spent nearly $100k to educate me but made it difficult to go work for them.

-Steve Ressler



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    Stephen Buckley


    Would the collaboration networks be closed in any sense? Would it be "by invitation only"? If so, then who would decide what an "expert" would be?

    BTW: I'm a member of GovLoop, but are you a member of the google-group on the Open Government Directive? It's pretty low traffic.

    You can join the continuing OpenGov discussion: