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Open Expert Database/Social Network

Create (or tap into an existing) social network/database of experts in various fields. In order to fulfill the mission of OSTP (, OSTP needs immediate access to experts in scientific fields. While expert opinion can be accessed through many means, a social network/database that self-selected experts could register for could provide the OSTP with greater access to a wider range of opinion. The database should incorporate a verified-credentials system requiring experts to document their credentials (PhDs, industry positions, etc.). A peer-rating system should allow experts to identify their peers and OSTP should have an internal rating system allowing them to identify those experts most often providing useful commentary. The system should allow OSTP to submit questions on policy or "requests for comment" to the social network/database rather than individuals.


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    A system like this should contain loads of editable/wiki-style meta-data including co-authors, collaborators, colleagues within the same field, public funds and amount of public funds currently awarded, membership in organizations, participation in grant review panels and editorial boards, etc...