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Space Solar Power Conference

The Office of Science and Technology policy should host a conference on space solar power which brings together NASA, the Department of Energy, The Department of Commerce, University researchers as well as corporations such as Solaren, PowerSat, Space energy, Space Island Group, Boeing etc. Also inviting the Japanese, European, Russians and Canadians who are who are working on Space Solar power. The conference would develop ideas on how best to bring this technology to reality. Space solar power offers unlimited, green, base load power. It is now time to turn this futuristic concept into reality with the US in the lead.

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  1. NASA is new to the non-cost-plus contracting world; and it is very risk-averse. While the Centennial program of prizes is a big step in the right direction, I believe that DARPA--with an already impressive history of aggressive, high-risk / high-return research programs--would be an invaluable part of any Space Solar Power research program. DARPA should be included.

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